KRA & KCTE Join Forces to Advocate for Literacy Instruction in KY

After administering an advocacy survey to members of both KCTE and KRA, the results have been discussed, mulled over, and a formal statement has been issued that you can feel free to use when speaking with legislators and other literacy advocates.  Here is the gist:

Strong literacy development for Kentucky children represents a strong and productive Commonwealth. As representatives of Kentucky’s two premier professional organizations focused on literacy development, the Kentucky Reading Association (KRA) and the Kentucky Council of Teachers of English (KCTE), we represent the views of literacy educators and advocates across the state of Kentucky.

We have developed a brief advocacy paper to outline six literacy issues we believe need immediate attention for Kentucky students and the future of the Commonwealth. This paper represents the views of board members and general membership of both KRA and KCTE.  You will find the paper linked to this post.

For questions, comments, or requests, please feel free to email me or contact the individuals listed at the end of the paper. We would be happy to provide more  information or discuss these issues in more detail.


Brenda Overturf, Ed. D.

Advocacy Chair, Kentucky Reading Association


You can access the paper in our Google Drive Folder:




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