The Kentucky Council of Teachers of English/Language Arts, Inc. is an incorporated non-profit, service organization for Kentucky English and Language Arts teachers of all levels (Kindergarten-Graduate School). Membership dues and conference registrations support

  • our journal, The Kentucky English Bulletin, published two times each year and edited by Dr. Judith Szerdahelyi ; information is located at http://www.kcte.org/keb/
  • our newsletter, the KCTE/LA News, edited by Amy Cody ; information is located at http://www.kcte.org/news/
  • an annual student essay contest; information is located at http://kcte.org/contest
  • KCTE/LA’s involvement in the NCTE PRESLM (Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines) awards. For more information contact Dr. Fran Helphinstine at preslm@kcte.org .
  • teacher-of-the-year award
  • administrator-of-the-year award
  • service award
  • intellectual freedom award
  • classroom grant opportunities
  • an annual conference (each February); information is available at http://kcte.org/confer

The over 200 members of KCTE/LA create a vibrant organization which has been recognized by the National Council of Teachers of English as one of the more active state affiliates.

In addition to supporting funded projects, the KCTE/LA connects English and Language Arts teachers to the Kentucky Department of Education. A number of KCTE/LA board members either direct or coordinate outreach progams for state Writing Projects, and the KDE sends a liaison to triannual KCTE/LA board meetings.


Regular membership in KCTE/LA is $30.00 per year (January 1 – December 31). Membership includes a subscription to the KEB and the KCTE/LA News. Membership paid between 31 May and December 31 goes into effect at the time the membership is paid and continues through December 31. Visit the Membership page for more info and to register online.