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2012 Middle Section Contest Results

Poem First place: “Birds” by Natalie McClain (Grade 6) Teacher: Shelly Jones St. Francis School, Independent Second place: “Across Lush Fields ” by Esme Tyler (Grade 8) Teacher: Patrick Donovan St Francis Goshen , Goshen Third place: “”Servanthood Leader”” by Hannah Lee (Grade 7) Teacher: Dina Harper Todd County Middle, Todd Article First place: “Article”…

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2012 College Section Contest Results

Article First place: “Elzbieta: A Case Study in English Language Learners” by Amber Barrett (Third-Year College) Teacher: Carol Withrow Murray State University Personal Writing First place: “For the Love of the Game ” by Jeff Boaz (Third-Year College) Teacher: Carol A. Withrow Murray State University Judges Dr. Paul Walker, Director of Composition, Murray State University…

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2012 Spring Newsletter

Inside This Issue: Advanced Placement Summer Institute KEB Call For Manuscripts Vocab Strategy Across Content Kentucky Writing Contest Common Core Resources Download:¬†2012 Spring Newsletter¬†here…

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