Plan now for 2015 KCTE Conference

Good morning!  Welcome back to school!  As you plan your Professional Development for the school year, please consider joining us at the 2015 Kentucky Council of Teachers of English Conference in Lexington, Kentucky, Feb. 27 – 28.

Our conference theme is “Balancing Passion and Practice: Kentucky Teachers Leading the Way.”

Good teaching is as much about passion as it is about best practice. Now more than ever we are asked to evolve, to repurpose our practice to address the Common Core. We are asked to adapt to new evaluation systems and assessment measures. How do we adapt yet still follow the drive of our passion for learning? How do we build a culture of learning that balances passion and best practice? Join us as we learn how Kentucky teachers are leading the way in education!

2015 KCTE Featured Speakers will include:

  • Dr. Terry Holliday, Kentucky Commissioner of Education
  • Silas House, award winning Kentucky author
  • Frank X Walker, Kentucky State Poet Laureate
  • Dr. ReLeah Lent, renowned educator

For more information about the 2015 KCTE Conference, view our Feature Speaker flyer, to read our Call for Proposals, and to submit your proposal online.  The deadline for submitting a proposal is October 30, 2014. More information about the conference is available on our conference page.

I look forward to reading your proposals!  Have a wonderful school year!

Jennifer S. Fowler, NBCT
KCTE Conference Chairperson/President Elect

2014 Elementary Section Contest Results


Poetry Category Title Author Teacher
1st place Freedom is a Hard Word Jacob Daniels C. Withrow
2nd place Be Free Macy Burrus C. Withrow
3rd place Elf Natalie Boone L. Holloman
4th place Freedom Daniel Cerda C. Withrow
5th place Jesus Ben Paris L. Holloman


Narrative Category Title Author Teacher
1st place The Fall Na’Kyra Clark C. Withrow
2nd place The Kindness of My Mammy Maggie Blazina S. Riley
3rd place One Crucial Night Alyssa Cowsert C. Withrow
4th place Braids or No Braids? DaMone Allen C. Withrow
5th place Kindness in the Hospital Amanda Estes L. Holloman


Opinion Category Title Author Teacher
1st place Dear Betty Ren Right Jasmine E. Daniels C. Withrow
2nd place Dear Ronald Dahl Brandon Reichard C. Withrow
3rd place Dear American Pediatric Group Emma Williams L. Holloman
**4th place My Wonderful Grandpa Charity Conyer S. Riley
5th place Papaw McCalister Caden McCalister T. Brantley

**This piece is actually listed under the narrative category for this teacher, but judges felt it should be scored in opinion.


Informative Category Title Author Teacher
1st place Leadership: What is it? Alyssa Bozeman S. Riley
**2nd place The Leader in Me Emma Waters L. Holloman
3rd place History, History, It’s a Mystery Kacie Easley T. Brantley
4th place History of Downtown Marion Lily Gardner T. Brantley
5th place A Kentucky Road Trip Alyssa Bozeman L. Holloman

**This piece is actually listed under the narrative category for this teacher, but judges felt it should be scored in informative.

2014 Summer Newsletter

The Summer Newsletter offers the following topics:

Professional Development opportunities
KEB Call for Manuscripts
Tech Tools: Edmodo Language Usage Tools and Educanon
Gamify your Classroom- Use of Badges in the Classroom/ Fold That Story
2015 Conference Information
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